Pile driving, or piling, is the process by which piles are driven into the ground until they hit bedrock. This shifts the weight-bearing responsibility off of soil with weak composition, allowing the partially underground pile to help the impacted soil support the above-ground structure. This is a foundational step in many marine construction projects.

Pile materials should be chosen to work with the job site’s soil and the project’s load. As experts in marine construction and the North Florida landscape, we ensure the proper materials are chosen to pair your terrain with your dream project.

What is Pile Driving?

Pile is custom-made before it is transported to the job site. This ability to pre-choose pile shape and size allows for before and during installation inspection. Popular pile materials include fiberglass, steel, treated wood, and reinforced concrete.

Pile drivers, or pile hammers, drive piles into the earth by impact hammering, vibrating, or pushing. There are numerous types of pile hammers, such as diesel impact hammers, vibratory hammers, air/steam impact hammers, and hydraulic impact hammers.

The hammer chosen for the project is used to drive the pile into the soil, firming the base of the structure by tightening the surrounding soil and increasing the pile’s weight-bearing capacity. From the pile material to the type of hammer, every step of the pile driving process can be designed to meet your project’s unique needs.

Why is Piling Beneficial?

Pile driving is an effective foundation-building method both environmentally and from a marine construction perspective.

You can rest assured knowing that your watercraft is well-supported.

When is Piling Used?

Piling is used when the soil at the job site cannot safely support the weight necessary for the built structure at a shallow level. Hammering piles creates a deeper foundation by drawing on the natural strength of lower soil levels.

Driven piles are an industry favorite for marine construction projects. At Shore, pile driving is used to form the foundation of our marinas. Additionally, pile-driven foundations are a standard feature of our docks and boat lifts, ensuring your boat is marina-level secure.

Shore Builds Foundations That Last

The North Florida terrain varies, but our commitment to “do quality work and do what you say you will do” doesn’t. This is the simple philosophy that Shore Builders was founded on in 2005. That’s why we use secure practices, such as pile driving, and durable, high-quality materials in our marine construction projects. This creates consistency in all our marine construction projects, regardless of job site conditions.

If you are in the market for a new or refinished dock, boat lift, or marina, reach out to our team with over 15 years of experience to discuss your project today.