Living in Florida, we’re no strangers to spending time on the water, with many people owning homes or businesses directly on a body of water. Marine construction involves projects such as boat dock installation, boathouses, and boat lifts, to name just a few. 

The Shore Builders team has spent over 15 years helping our north Florida and coastal customers enjoy life on the water. Read on to learn what you want to know about our marine construction services. 


What Is Marine Construction?

Just as it sounds, marine construction refers to waterfront projects such as the following. 

Boat Docks and Piers

Docks make it easier for you to get into and out of the water, and styles vary from simple to complex, as long as they meet Florida code. If your existing dock has aging deck boards or structural and foundation issues, it’s time to be repaired or replaced. 

At Shore Builders, our dock contractors can help you decide which dock to build or what repairs your existing dock needs so you can enjoy your dock for years to come. Our docks have the following standard features. 

Boat Lifts

Boat lifts help prevent your boat from sitting in the water, making it susceptible to algae and barnacle growth or damage from floating debris. You can simply lower your boat into the water when you’re ready to use it and lift it back up when you’re done. 

Shore Builders provides custom solutions that support boats of all sizes, from personal watercraft to yachts. Using industry-leading DECO boat lifts, a boat lift helps your boat maintain its aesthetic value while minimizing maintenance. 


A boathouse is designed to store boats, typically used for personal recreation or sports, while protecting the boat from UV rays and inclement weather. It makes it easier to access your boat, provides additional storage, gives you more room for entertaining, and boosts your property value. 


A retaining wall or seawall to hold back rough waves protects your property from shoreline erosion. These can be made with concrete, wood, rock or vinyl, and the Shore Builders team can help you determine which type will work best for you. We offer seawall repair to remediate existing retaining walls or can build you a new one using only the best materials that control shoreline erosion. 

Floating Docks

Floating docks float atop the water and aren’t bolted or attached to the underlying surface like a traditional dock. Options for a floating dock include aluminum, wooden, plastic, or non-floating, available in any size or shape to complement your property’s aesthetic and be functional for your watercraft. 

Marina Services 

At Shore Builders, we offer new marina construction, marina refurbishment and repair, and yearly maintenance. We provide custom solutions for your marina needs of any type and size and can tackle any project you have, from a floating dock to a multi-slip commercial marina. 

Choose Shore for Your Shoreline Project 

Protecting your boat and staying safe are priorities when your home or business is located on the water. When it’s time to choose a marine construction company, you want one that will do the job right, so it lasts for years to come as well as one that is properly licensed and insured. From Cedar Key to St. Augustine, Florida, and everywhere between, the Shore Builders team can handle any size marine construction project for you so you can enjoy the waterfront. Contact us today.