The quality, versatility, and strength of a floating dock built by the contractors at Shore Builders Inc. are unparalleled. Whether it’s a low-profile rowing dock, a floating work platform, a jet ski floating dock, or another type of floating structure, our team works alongside each client to create a customized floating platform in any size or shape that complements the aesthetics of their seaside property — in addition to the functional requirements of their watercraft. During the floating dock building process, we help you choose among available material options, including aluminum, wooden, and plastic floating docks. Our contractors have years of expertise in designing and constructing encapsulated floating boat docks for a finished result that features a modular design, superior frame construction, and a durable composition that can effectively withstand destructive storms on the St. Augustine coastline.

Shore Builders, Inc. provides all-encompassing marine construction services to help you leverage the most from your commercial or residential property, including new construction, dock repair, and dock restoration. Contact us today to find out how we can serve you.




Are There Different Types of Floating Docks?

When you’re considering a new floating dock, there are numerous options that the design-build team at Shore Builders will walk you through. We create customized floating docks of all size and scale, tailored both to your waterfront property requirements and your functional preferences.

Aluminum Floating Docks

The durability of aluminum docks is the overarching factor for its popularity. Floating docks made of aluminum are lightweight, but they can withstand many water and weather conditions, along with watercraft impact. Aluminum floating docks will eventually require replacement due to corrosion, but they can be designed for easy towing during the off-season.

Wooden Floating Docks

Wood has long been used to manufacture floating docks. The classic appearance of a wooden dock and the ease of assembly over water harkens to lifelong memories for water enthusiasts, but its natural buoyancy is effortlessly bolstered by the addition of foam floats and/or pontoons. With regular use and exposure to the elements, wooden docks require regular maintenance.

Plastic Floating Docks

Floating docks made from plastic do not rust or rot as quickly as aluminum and wooden docks. What’s more, this dock type is not porous, which makes for easy cleaning and a preserved aesthetic. Easy to install and engineered to last, it’s easy to understand why these floating docks prominently dot the shorelines throughout St. Augustine, Florida.

Non-Floating Docks

Shore Builders Inc. has a team of experts with over 10 years of experience that will help you decide exactly what style of dock your property needs. Whether you need a floating dock, fixed dock, or pier, we are prepared to custom build whatever your needs require.

What Is the Best Kind of Floating Dock?

The best type of floating dock is one that best suits your needs and accommodates intended use for years to come. The team of marine contractors with Shore Builders, Inc. meets with every client to learn about their needs and envisioned use for the dock. Thereafter, we work alongside each client to design a floating dock that provides years of functionality for any boating, watercraft, or leisurely need, while also considering their budget and financial investment.

Upgrade your access to the water with a floating dock from Shore Builders, Inc. Contact us to learn how our marine construction can benefit your property.

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