From residential docks to multi-slip commercial marinas, Shore Builders, Inc. has a reputation for superior quality marine construction and unsurpassed customer satisfaction. We use the highest quality materials and construction techniques to withstand rough waters and corrosive marine environments. We offer professional dock construction and dock repair services customized to fulfill the unique needs from coast to coast. Several of our standard features include marine-grade materials for maximum strength and life expectancy, pile driving for a solid foundation; an expansive selection of decking colors and styles; and stainless steel screws and hardware to ensure longevity for the dock.

If you are ready to add a new dock to your waterfront, or your existing dock needs new life, contact Shore Builders today!




How Do I Know if My Dock Needs To Be Repaired or Replaced?

Water is one of the most destructive forces on the planet, and even docks of the highest quality will deteriorate over time. If caught early on, damage can often be repaired, but if left unchecked, damage to a dock can quickly become irreversible, and the dock will need to be replaced.

Aging deck boards

One of the first items to succumb to the elements will be your dock’s deck boards. Luckily, assuming the underlying structure is sound, replacing deck boards is one of the quickest and easiest repairs to improve your dock’s look and life.

Structural and Foundation Damages

Unfortunately, once rot or storm damage has compromised the structure and foundation of your dock, it may be time for a replacement. While storm repairs are possible, Shore Builders will have to inspect the damage to see if your dock is repairable. Relatively new docks that experience storm damage can usually be repaired but will still need assessment as to their damage. If you notice any cracks or erosion in your dock’s foundation, contact us ASAP for an inspection.

The key to dock maintenance is acting quickly when problems arise. As soon as you notice your dock has a structural problem, contact Shore Builders to preserve your investment.


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Why Do I Need a Dock?

If you have waterfront property, you probably know that you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity without a dock. A dock can provide boat access, a place to wait for the fish to bite peacefully, or just a platform to jump into the water from. You’ll never realize just how much you needed a dock until you have you.

Residential Docks

Residential docks provide homeowners with more enjoyment on the water while saving time and money on boat storage. With a dock of your own, there’s no need to trailer your boat, payslip fees, or wait behind a crowd of boaters to use the launch ramp. A dock is a perfect space for fishing, swimming, and docking jet skis and other recreational water vehicles.

Adding a dock to your property can also increase the property value. Whether you choose a permanent or floating dock, we can build the dock to your preference with custom materials and features, such as lights or boat lifts.

Commercial Docks

When marine crafts are business assets, adding a commercial dock to your property has clear advantages. Regarding security, having the boats on-site can help prevent damage, theft, and vandalism. Financially, a dock means you no longer have to pay for dry storage or a slip in a marina, providing your business with substantial savings.

Meanwhile, having your business boats readily available saves you time on trailering, so you can focus on your business. Professional dock builders, like Shores Builders Inc, can also customize the design and dimensions of your commercial dock for employees and are attractive for clients.

When you are ready to add a dock to your property, or if your existing dock needs some TLC, contact Shore Builders to build you a dock that is perfect for your needs and that will last.