Frequently Asked Questions

    Marine Services

  • What is your service area for marine construction services?

    Shore Builders is proud to offer a full range of marine services from Cedar Key to St. Augustine and all the water in between.

  • Are free consultations available?

    Yes, we would be happy to talk to you about your project and discuss permitting, your design and budget.

  • Will my project stay within the budget?

    We will design the project with your budget in mind and can recommend cost-saving options.

  • Who will manage my project?

    Every project is assigned a project manager who is responsible for all phases of construction. This dedicated point-person will be familiar with all aspects of the project and will remain accessible by phone, email, or in-person to answer your questions and provide updates. Whether there is one or several projects going on, the project manager is there to ensure the work runs smoothly.

  • Who takes care of permits?

    Most marine projects require state as well as local permits. Shore Builders will take care of every part of the permitting process included with the cost of your project.

  • Is Shore Builders insured?

    Yes, we carry general liability, workers comp, Jones Act, EH& L