Retaining walls, or seawalls, provide seaside properties with protection from shoreline erosion. Harsh waves can cause a considerable amount of damage and eat away at the coastline over time. Prevent erosion to your residential or commercial property with seawall construction from Shore Builders, Inc. We offer a number of shoreline erosion control methods, including seawall repair for remediating existing structural damage within retaining walls. We use vinyl sheet pile and marine bulkhead materials to likewise reinforce portions of the sea wall that are susceptible to hazards, such as high levels of groundwater, violent storms, and marine borers, so your waterfront property can avoid becoming lost to the waves.

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What types of seawalls are there?

The expert team members at Shore Builders are not only experienced builders who are ready to take on any project you have in mind, but they will also plan your project around your needs and budget. Trust our team to help you decide which style of seawall will work best for your needs.

Concrete Seawalls

Made from concrete and reinforced with steel, concrete seawalls can withstand powerful waves and rains for more than 50 years. A corrosion-resistant material, concrete is often the best choice of material for saltwater seawalls. Concrete is a low-maintenance material that can be molded into a wide range of forms and tinted with a large variety of colors to effectively match the appearance of your property.

Wood Retaining Seawalls

Though more frequent maintenance is required compared to most other types of seawalls, wood seawalls maintain the classic, nostalgic look we expect along the Florida coastline. How often maintenance must be performed to the wood depends on the environmental conditions in the area — wood endures best in freshwater seawalls and walls that are built-in calm inland channels, which offset the open coastline.

Vinyl Seawalls

Vinyl seawalls are a suitable option for homeowners and business owners who want to protect their seaside property for a modest investment. We are proud to install Everlast products, known for their longevity, attractive appearance, impressive warranty, and countless other benefits. These seawalls are effective at curbing shoreline erosion and holding back encroaching floodwaters. Regular maintenance can extend the life of a vinyl seawall, but replacement is typically required within 20 years of the initial construction.

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What are the benefits of a seawall?

Seawalls do more than enhance the overall visual appeal of a property. They also provide a slew of practical benefits to waterfront homes and businesses. Consider the benefits of adding to your property a professionally constructed seawall from Shore Builders, Inc.

Curb Shoreline Erosion

A seawall protects the structural integrity of your waterside property by helping to prevent erosion. Shoreline erosion is the natural process through which moving water removes sediment from the land. The rate of erosion is prominent within land with high-energy water, such as ocean waves and fast-flowing rivers. But even lakes and seasonal streams can strip away sand, soil or gravel from the ground. Essentially, erosion takes place anywhere land and water meet. Aside from diminishing the land’s volume, erosion also destroys the health and vitality of a natural or manicured landscape. In severe cases, it can destabilize the foundation beneath a home or other structure. This is why home builders recommend a seawall installation as a preventative measure for structural damage to waterfront property.

Protection Against Stormwater

Whether your commercial property is located seaside or your home is located on the coastline in St. Augustine, the severe effects of storm damage can cause significant damage to your property and pose a safety hazard to individuals located within the home or business. From tropical storms to hurricanes, extreme rainfall can cause water levels to quickly rise. Flooding poses risks to your property and your personal safety. Seawalls can keep floodwaters at bay, serving to prevent the water from encroaching on your property. No matter which type of seawall you choose to incorporate on your property, Shore Builders, Inc. has the team, the equipment, and the experience required to get the job done both efficiently and effectively.

Boost Property Value

The addition of a seawall makes a home or business more attractive to prospective homebuyers and property investors. Individuals or families seek waterfront properties that are both safe and lasting. This is especially true regarding homes near the ocean or other vast expanses of water. A seawall provides the peace-of-mind that most home buyers and commercial property buyers seek when they consider buying waterfront property. Additionally, seawalls have an aesthetic appeal for homebuyers. Like an outdoor kitchen or a private dock, a seawall is a home addition that enhances the look of a home while providing utility to the residents.


While almost every construction project for your home or business will improve both your property value and the functionality of your space, a seawall also has the added benefit of protecting your investment from potential loss. If you are ready to safeguard your waterfront property, contact Shore Builders Inc. today.