Once you have made a substantial investment in the boat of your dreams, you want to protect that dream from harmful exterior elements, such as ultraviolet (UV) rays and rain. A boathouse offers secure dry boat storage for watercraft and protects against boat loss due to rough waves and the harmful effects of harsh weather. All coastal residents that use their watercraft frequently can benefit from improved accessibility with a boathouse.  We work alongside clients to design and build boathouses that accommodate their watercraft specifications and preferences for utility and enjoyment. Whether you require modifications to an existing boathouse or desire a new boathouse to increase both the functional and aesthetic value of your waterfront property, Shore Builders marine division can help.

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What Are the Benefits of a Boathouse?

The most obvious benefit of a boathouse is to protect your boat, but there are numerous additional benefits to adding a boathouse to your property.

Ease of Access

Depending on the job, maintaining a boat in the water can be difficult or even impossible. Adding a boathouse or boat lift to your property can make upkeep exponentially easier. Additionally, you and your passengers will enjoy a much smoother boarding and departure process.

Additional Storage

When Shore Builders Inc. builds your new boathouse, we will design it specifically around your needs. Not only will it be custom fit for your watercraft, but we can also create additional storage for all your aquatic hobby equipment.

More Room for Entertaining

Similar to a porch or deck, a boathouse can create an additional space to entertain guests and enjoy the almost year-round beautiful weather in St. Augustine, Florida. We can design your boathouse with additional square footage purposefully built around you, your family, and your friends.

Boosting Property Value

The majority of buyers looking to purchase waterfront property in St. Augustine, Florida, will want as much access to the water as possible. Real Estate that already includes features such as a dock or a boathouse will make your property stand out to the right buyer. The value a boathouse adds by protecting your boat and increasing property equity can recoup much of the construction cost.

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