We offer custom-design boat lifts created to accommodate vessels that range from personal watercraft to yachts. Our boat slips are designed from the ground up, starting with a driven pile foundation. Once the piles are set, we use industry-leading DECO boat lifts, known for their reliability and durability, and manufactured in Florida. Our premium craftsmanship combined with the use of industry-leading materials results in superior products personalized to each customer and their watercraft. If you require a boat lift, choose among a wide range of available customization options for a one-of-a-kind lift. In addition to effective refuge from saltwater, algae, and debris, our boat lift services can help assure boat protection and preservation.

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What Are the Benefits of a Boat Lift?

Owning a boat requires substantial investments of time, money, and attention to ensure the watercraft is properly maintained and functions as intended. Because boats are aquatic vehicles, it’s easy to assume they can withstand persistent contact with water, but leaving boats to float when they are not in use can shorten the functional lifespan and increase the risk of damage.

Quicker, Safer, and Easier Boarding

In addition to protecting your vessel from harm, a boat lift can facilitate quicker, easier, and safer boarding onto your boat. Boat lifts make the process of getting in and out of the water easier and enhance access to the watercraft for easier fueling and maintenance. If this will be your first time using the device, our marine contractors can instruct you on the best way to handle and care for your new lift. When it is time for a sail, simply lower the lift into the water and drift away.

Prevent Unnecessary Damage

Leaving vessels in persistent contact with seawater can be problematic for several reasons. The saltwater can stain and deteriorate the paint on the boat — most boats are made from porous materials, such as fiberglass and resin, through which water can seep. This can result in blisters and eventual delamination of boats’ hulls and other damages to props and shafts. The wear and tear that develops can lead to costly repairs or even losing the boat altogether. Using a boat lift can help you prevent damage to your boat’s functional components.

Protect Your Boat From Inclement Weather

With a boat lift, your boat won’t be knocking around or rubbing against the dock due to fluctuating water levels, heavy wakes, and bad weather. Lifts can help prevent scrapes and other types of damage caused by friction or impact. If a storm comes, a properly configured boat lift could secure your vessel well above storm surge.

Owning a boat is not just a purchase. It’s an investment. A well-maintained boat lift is instrumental in protecting and preserving that investment. If you need a new boat lift contact the professionals at Shore Builders today.


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