Unless you live in a custom-built or recently renovated home, chances are you have at least one smaller-than-desired bathroom. As these rooms of our homes are where we go to wash the world or the stress of a day away, we want them to be as relaxing and spa-like as possible. Read on to learn some easy ways you can maximize space while still enjoying your bathroom. 


Pocket Door Space Savers


One simple way to maximize your small bathroom space is to utilize pocket doors that slide into the wall rather than a traditional in-swing door that wastes the space it needs to clear. You also have the option to use a transparent or frosted glass-paneled door, which allows you to see through into the adjoining room and provide an uninterrupted line of sight. 


Top to Bottom Tile


Tile is another aspect of your bathroom that can visually increase your space. Running tile from the bathroom’s floor to the shower and all the way to the ceiling gives the illusion of height, making your bathroom feel larger than it is. Another tile tip is to use larger tiles throughout – the fewer grout lines, the larger the space seems. 


See-Through Shower


A clear, frameless glass shower door gives your small space a luxurious feel and allows for undisrupted visual lines into your shower stall and to the wall, making the shower and bathroom both appear bigger than they are. Further, if you can upgrade to a walk-in shower, it increases your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal while making it safer for guests. 


Vanity Vavoom


A cabinet-style vanity is functional and provides under-sink storage, but it also uses a lot of space. Switching to a pedestal-style sink declutters your floor and saves square footage while also drawing your eye upward. Another option is to install a floating vanity, which has the benefit of cabinet-style vanities regarding storage but the space underneath mimics a larger bathroom. 


Spa Details To Make You Say “Ahhh”


In addition to the upgrades listed above, some simple things add to the spa-like feel of your small bathroom. 


Smart Shelves


Creating storage in your bathroom’s walls through recessed shelving frees up precious real estate you can use for other purposes without taking up walkable floor space.


Soothing sounds 


Placing a speaker on your floating or recessed shelves allows you to utilize relaxing music as you spend time in your bathroom. You will feel so tranquil that you may believe you are in a 20,000 square foot spa instead of your home’s small bathroom. 


Shore Is Your Beautiful Bathroom Builder


If you are tired of having a bathroom that is too small for your family’s needs, let our design and build experts at Shore Builders create the bathroom of your dreams. From small-scale renovation to full tear-outs and bathroom remodels, we will give you a functional, gorgeous bathroom you never want to leave! Contact us today to get started.