Whether you want to expand or upgrade your bathroom, we have you covered. We can provide you with a quality bathroom remodel that can even increase the value of your home.

Whether you are adding dual sinks, installing a vintage claw-foot bathtub, a spacious shower with a rainfall showerhead, or heated floors, you can trust Shores Builders’ contractors to carry your plan through to completion. Our team of talented designers will also help you pick the perfect shade of paint, the perfect lighting to match your new home spa to the rest of your home, and make the most of every inch of space to meet your needs and preferences.




It’s Time for You To Have the Bathroom You Deserve

Shore Builders is ready to turn your bathroom into a luxurious home spa that you never want to leave. We will transform an outdated bathroom into a luxurious and modern space that you can enjoy for years.


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What Are the Benefits of a Bathroom Remodel?

Combining quality construction with creative designs, Shore Builders creates bathrooms where benefits far exceed their beauty alone. 

Increasing Resale Value

A modern, remodeled bathroom is one of the best projects to increase your home’s resale value, seconded only by updating your kitchen. Even a small bathroom renovation can increase a home’s value by several thousands of dollars. An outdated bathroom, the master bath, in particular, can be a huge deciding factor when a prospective buyer is deliberating between multiple homes. 

Creating Addition Space

Do you and your family members trip over each other coming and going from the bathroom? Or does it seem like there’s less space for towels each time you put them away? Our Gainesville-based design-build team can help you rework the flow of your existing space to create a less frustrating, more spacious bathroom. If you decide the space you have is no longer sufficient, our contractors can even include a home addition to create the square footage needed for your dream bathroom.

Environmentally Conscious

A large portion of the water your family uses ends up flowing right back out of your home. Installing the latest environmentally friendly bathroom features, low-flow toilets, water-saving showers, soft LED lighting can not only reduce your ecological footprint but also bring down your monthly utility bill.

Fix a Problem Space

As your life and family change, the bathroom that used to be perfect for you may no longer be satisfying your needs. Maybe your guest bathroom is now becoming your kids’ bathroom, or you need to install elderly accessible features to an already beautiful room. The contractors at Shore Builders will accomplish any requirements you have.

No detail is too small when it comes to giving you the bathroom you’ve always dreamt of. Our team uses contemporary construction and design to improve function and safety in every remodeling project. Communication is paramount to ensuring success every time, and we’re always available to answer questions from beginning to end — contact us today to start designing your new bathroom.