Make your home a destination for entertainment and relaxation with our custom-built decks. From family cookouts to evening sunsets, a deck from Shore Builders, Inc. brings the majesty of nature to your doorstep. As Gainesville’s leading deck builder, we have designed and built-in hundreds of beautiful, custom decks.  Choose from a variety of different types of wood, vinyl, or composite materials and pick a finish that suits your tastes and functional preferences, and we’ll build a quality deck that complements both your lifestyle needs and your home’s aesthetics.

If you are ready to start construction on a new deck for your home, contact Shore Builders, Gainesville, Florida’s only TrexPro designated contractor, today!




What Are the Benefits of Adding a Deck to My Home?

No matter the reasons for adding a new deck to your home, we will make sure your deck construction goals are met. Not only will your new or renovated deck meet your functional needs, but it could also offer you advantages you might not have previously considered.

Increased Home Equity

As with all home construction projects, homeowners want to maximize the investment in their property value. When professionally planned and constructed, renovating an existing deck, or constructing a new one, can greatly increase a home’s value. Not only is a deck an affordable project to boost property value, but oftentimes, you’ll recoup most of the cost of building your deck when it comes time to sell your home. 

Design Appeal

A deck can enhance the exterior appeal of your home in many different ways. The dimensions of a deck can make your home appear larger and more spacious, while the design of your deck can complement your home’s aesthetic by incorporating paint colors or stains that match the shutters, doors, or other accents on your house. Not only will your deck make your home more enjoyable while you live there, but it can also make your home more desirable to future potential buyers. Our design-build experts will help you achieve the deck you’ve always wanted on your property. 

Additional Storage Space

As with adding a pool house to your property, building a deck provides you with extra outdoor storage space that can be extremely useful for reducing clutter around the inside of your home. Using your deck to store a number of different items like your barbecue, the kids’ bikes, or some patio furniture is a great way to clear out space in your garage or yard, while keeping these things accessible for easy removal whenever you need them. You can also add built-in storage benches and outdoor closets to stash away outdoor clutter

Hosting Space

When the weather is nice, which almost is year-round in Gainesville, your deck is an ideal space for hosting everything from large cookouts to intimate get-togethers. Taking your next social event outside on your deck is a sure way to make that gathering extra special. Combining a deck with an outdoor kitchen or a stylish gazebo can not only increase the usable area of your home but transform your yard into your favorite room in the house!


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 Pedestrian Bridges

In addition to the common decks that may be attached to your home, Shore Builders is also experienced in building strong, stable pedestrian bridges. These structures are perfect if your property includes drastic elevation changes and you need a safe, attractive route to a section of your deck or a gazebo.

Shore Builders Inc Pedestrian Bridge


What is a TrexPro?

When you are ready to invest in a new deck for your home, you want to be confident that you have selected the best contractor who is using only the best supplies. Shores Builders Inc. is Alachua County’s only TrexPro Gold builder. We have been hand-selected by Trex, one of the premier suppliers of high-end composite building materials for decks, to represent the TrexPro title. Shore Builders, Inc. has special knowledge of Trex products, including how to work with and install these deck materials according to the highest standards of craftsmanship.


When it comes time to design and build your new deck, look no further than Shore Builders. Contact us today for more information.