Business and property owners dream of the day they need to expand their commercial structures to meet increased demand. When that day arrives, Shore Builders, Inc. has the experience needed for commercial building additions or build-outs. You know your business inside and out, and we’re here to help you reach your commercial goals.  

When it comes time to alter your business’s external facade, you want to be sure that your contractor has the skill and experience to create an eye-catching addition that blends seamlessly into your existing structure. Contact the design-build team at Shores Builders today to begin planning your property’s new addition.




What Are the Benefits of a Commercial Addition?

When your company outgrows its current location, your business can suffer. Your employees may be crowded into an unproductive office, your storage may be overflowing into your workspace, and your reception area may have too few seats for your growing clientele. If you’re constantly bumping elbows with your deskmates, it may be time to create more space for you and your business.

Additional Space

The most obvious benefit of building out your business is the additional space you can create. From bathroom renovations to an expanded lobby to extra storage, there are endless benefits to creating more space for a business. Our design team will help you identify the most beneficial options for expanding your physical footprint and how to rework your layout to maximize your new square footage. 

Location Recognition

Uprooting your business to a new location can confuse your clients, who may no longer be able to find you. Even after updating your business cards, online listings, and publishing updates in community publications, there will always be some link between your company and your former location. Expanding your physical business may be the best option and provide the easiest transition for your clients and staff. 

Financial Savings

Even though your business is thriving, you still don’t want to make irresponsible financial decisions to increase your company’s workspace. The team at Shores Builders can help you decide if it makes more sense to move into a new space, take over adjoining office space, build out your current area, or even construct a new office space designed specifically around your company’s needs. Before you decide to relocate your business, find out if building out your current space could be the right option for you. 


When your company’s physical location is no longer adequate, the design-build team at Shore Builders will help you decide the best direction to take your business. Our expertise and experience will take your outdated, cramped, or inadequate space and transform it into a custom-designed workspace built around your specific needs. When it comes time to expand your business or renovate your existing space, contact the team at Shore Builders Inc.