Rejuvenate your culinary space with a kitchen remodel from Shore Builders, Inc. We can create a layout customized to your cooking habits, desires, and preferred aesthetic. You can choose from top-of-the-line appliances, granite countertops, flooring materials, lighting fixtures, cabinetry options, and more to make your kitchen one of the most enjoyable rooms in the home. With assistance from our design-build professionals, your new kitchen will be constructed with superior craftsmanship and tailored to your needs through a functional design that ensures you love every single element, from the backsplash to the stovetop.




Modern kitchens are used for so much more than simply preparing a meal. Our kitchens have become a central gathering place for children to complete their homework, for friends and family to congregate before and after a meal, and for a quick midnight snack before bed. The Shore Builders team will renovate your kitchen into the gourmet workshop of your dreams!

“I was worried about hiring a contractor after hearing horror stories of jobs half done. I contacted Shore Builders after reading the reviews and I am so glad I did. Everything was done quickly, professionally, and my new kitchen looks amazing! Larry was on top of everything and really made the experience wonderful.  I would not hesitate to recommend Shore Builders to all of my family and friends.”

-Leah S. (Google Review)

If you are ready to transform your kitchen, contact Shore Builders today.

Kitchen remodeling can vary greatly, from updating appliances and cabinets to gutting the entire kitchen and adding an addition to your home to give you the space and functionality you desire. Whether you have already developed a comprehensive kitchen design or you have an abstract idea that you need to be translated into a well-thought-out plan, we are here to help. Shore Builders Inc is a design-build company. We have an entire team of skilled professionals that are ready to bring your dream project to life – all under one roof. 


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What Are the Benefits of a Remodeled Kitchen?

It can be hard to justify remodeling a kitchen that seems to be functioning adequately, but there are so many benefits beyond emulating the immaculate kitchens on HGTV.

Energy Efficiency

Refrigerators are one of the most expensive appliances in a home and combined with your other kitchen gadgets and lighting, a sizable portion of your electric bill is generated in your kitchen. Our team of knowledgeable staff can help you pick out stylish electronics that will not only look good but also lower your monthly utility bill!  

Improved Functionality

The desire for a more functional kitchen is usually a driving force behind the decision to remodel. The definition of functionality depends mostly on individual preferences and habits. Our team of designers pays attention to how you currently use the kitchen and creates a tailor-made plan to improve its function.

Increased Resale Value

While the cost of a new kitchen is daunting, a well-executed kitchen remodel can significantly boost the value of your home and help your Gainesville home sell much faster. Especially with older homes, an updated kitchen can be one of the primary considerations for prospective home buyers. You can be confident that our skilled team of designers and contractors can transform your kitchen into the shining star of your home. 

You Deserve It! 

Simply put, we want to make your dreams a reality. We don’t care if you are cooking for yourself or a family of eight, you deserve a workspace that flows and helps you achieve your potential in the kitchen. The contractors at Shore Builders are experts in the field and work on every project as if it were in their own home. 

If you are ready to remodel your kitchen or need more information on our kitchen remodeling process, contact Shore Builders Inc. in Gainesville, Florida.