Combining luxury and functionality, Shore Builders Inc. is breathing new life into commercial bathrooms in Gainesville, Florida. Our design-build team excels at transforming outdated or outgrown space into inviting, practical assets to your company. Whether your growing business requires a more practical restroom or you want to provide your patrons with a more lavish experience, we will create a custom bathroom that fits your needs. 

If your business’ bathrooms require a contemporary renovation, or if you are looking to add or expand your current restroom offerings, contact Shore Builders today.








How Can a Bathroom Remodel Benefit My Business?

The decision to remodel a business bathroom is one few business owners and managers take lightly. But when you work with Shore Builders, Inc., our dedicated team makes sure you’re left discovering new benefits after the project is complete for years to come.

Environmentally Conscious

Energy use and money go hand-in-hand, especially for companies and businesses. A renovated bathroom uses the latest installations, many of which are designed to use less energy. Plus, you’ll find there are fewer maintenance and work order requests needed to submit with a new bathroom. Less energy use and maintenance mean a larger bottom line for the company. Marketing your company’s “Green Initiative” can also reach a wide market of consumers who prioritize Eco-Friendly companies.  

Increased Property Value

As with residential bathroom renovations, remodeling a commercial bathroom will also increase the property value. This can be helpful if you plan to sell the business soon. Most renovations provide a 50 percent to 60 percent return in increased value on average but can climb depending on trends in the real estate market.

Improved Sanitation

The efficiency and sanitation of bathroom appliances and fixtures have advanced in recent years. Hands-free air dryers, waterless urinals, and touchless paper towel dispensers are three common modern advancements that help many businesses improve sanitation for the benefit of their employees and current and prospective customers.

ADA Compliant

We work within ADA regulations to create restrooms that are not only beautiful and functional but also compliant with all standards and regulations. We can help you enhance the accessibility of the bathroom in your business with items as simple as additional grab bars or solutions as complete as adding wheelchair-accessible sinks and toilet stalls.

Whether you are adding a locker room, expanding a bathroom, or adding additional full bathrooms, the Shore Builders contractors are ready to put their 10+ years of experience to work, creating the perfect private space for your business. Contact us today to start transforming your company’s most important business space.


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