Spice up your dinner party and impress your friends with a stylish outdoor kitchen addition. Our general contractors and design experts will listen to your expectations and work alongside you to design an aesthetically pleasing kitchen while maximizing space and function. With all the amenities of your indoor kitchen, your outdoor culinary sanctuary may soon become your first choice to prepare your family’s next meal. 

If you are ready to create a television-worthy outdoor kitchen or if you want a dedicated space for a built-in grill, contact Shore Builders Inc. today to start planning your next project. 




What Are My Options for an Outdoor Kitchen?

Our designs are intended to help you decide exactly how to plan out your new outdoor kitchen. Maximizing space and using industry-leading materials and appliances, we will create a lasting kitchen that will make you reconsider ever going back inside. 

Grilling Station

The centerpiece of many outdoor kitchens is a grilling station. Whether you prefer gas or charcoal, cast iron or stainless steel, basic or all the bells-and-whistles, your dream grill can be integrated into an outdoor kitchen by our outdoor kitchen design-build experts.


If entertainment is your goal, an outdoor wet or dry bar provides an intimate setting to craft cocktails and host guests. Popular add-ons to an outdoor bar include concrete or stone countertops, padded bar stools, and TVs for at-home tailgating, and more. 


Rather than retrieving snacks and drinks from inside, an outdoor refrigerator allows you to store, prepare, and consume food in one composed space. Refrigerators are available in a variety of sizes and can seamlessly blend into the design.    

Fire Pit

A fire pit is an eye-catching yet practical addition to an outdoor kitchen. The heat from the fire pit makes the space comfortable to enjoy during all seasons. While at night, the flames provide a comforting and warm natural light.


On a sunny day, a pergola creates the right amount of shade. This overhead feature also provides a surface for mounting light fixtures and fans. For complete shelter from the natural elements, consider an awning,  roof extension, or gazebo.


A sink provides water for meal preparation, while the faucet and sink basin provide additional design elements to enhance the space. Also, the sink’s water lines can be hooked up to an outdoor dishwasher for convenient cleaning after an outdoor gathering.  


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What Are the Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen?

Beyond the obvious social benefits of an outdoor kitchen, there are many practical benefits to adding an open-air food prep area to your home. Stand out to potential home buyers and increase the value of your home. Create more storage with rugged but stylish cabinetry. Prepare messy or strong-smelling foods without worrying about the lasting impression left in your home. 

Whatever style of outdoor space you are ready to add to your home, trust Shore Builders Inc. to design and build it for you. Contact us today to begin your next project.