As people’s lives progress, the homes that used to be suitable may now be too small to accommodate the household’s changing needs. At Shore Builders, Inc., we specialize in bringing your dreams of a home addition into reality. From an extra bedroom or bathroom to an added second floor or new wing of the house, our design-build team can create and construct the home addition your family requires.

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What Are the Benefits of a Home Addition?

Every home addition has unique benefits depending on the type of renovation done and the problem it addresses. From additional space for an in-law to the added square footage that will help improve the flow of daily life in your home.

The universal benefit that applies to home additions is that they increase property values. In many cases, the money invested in a home addition is recouped, when the house is sold to new owners. You can also maximize the return-on-investment from a home addition when you choose design ideas and materials with broad appeal.

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What Home Addition Projects Do We Provide?

Shore Builders, Inc. offers various home additions and residential remodeling services to complement all lifestyles and budgets, which streamlines the process and gives you quick results.

Bedroom Additions

Whether you are welcoming a new baby into the home, upgrading a room into an elegant master suite, or adding space for guests to feel comfortable, an additional bedroom can make any home more comfortable and can often be a simpler option than relocating your family to a new home. 

Kitchen Expansions

Depending on the kitchen’s location and your home’s floor plan, the kitchen can be extended in several ways. One way is to remove an interior wall and expand the kitchen. Another way is to build an addition to the part of the house that borders the kitchen. Once the additional space is added to your kitchen, Shores Builders can lead you through the entire kitchen remodeling process.

Bathroom Additions

Living in a space with too few bathrooms can quickly become a point of contention in a household. A bathroom addition can drastically improve day-to-day life in your home and may be especially useful if you like to entertain company. In contrast with a number of the other home remodeling projects we offer, bathrooms require plumbing — our contractors will advise you on the best location for your new bathroom. 

Second-Story Additions

A second-story addition is a strategic way to expand the living space in a home when you don’t want to give up additional acreage in your yard. The layout of your additional story will depend heavily on how you will be using the space. Popular second-story rooms include guest bedrooms, family rooms, game rooms, or a more luxurious master suite.

Garage Additions

A garage addition expands a current garage or constructs a new garage onto a house that lacks one. In addition to protecting your vehicles and creating additional storage, a home with a  garage is more desirable to potential buyers when you are ready to sell your home. These types of additions can also serve as a “man cave” or a covered workspace. 

Sunrooms & Outdoor Living Areas

Sunrooms, or Florida rooms, are home additions that feature multiple windows and glass doors to allow in natural light. Oftentimes, homeowners use sunrooms as dining areas, reading nooks, and day rooms. Our contractors can determine the optimal location for a sunroom in your house to attract the greatest amount of light and complement the functionality of the other rooms in your home.

If you have a unique idea of how you would like to expand your home, let us know. We will work with you to plan and construct the home addition you desire.