Decks are perhaps the ultimate relaxation feature for your Florida home. They provide space for you to add an outdoor kitchen, hot tub, lounge furniture, or fire pit, to name just a few options. But they do more than allow you and your guests to enjoy being outdoors – they add value, aesthetic appeal, and storage space while decreasing the landscaping area you need to maintain. Further, they allow you a greater investment return should you ever choose to sell your property. 

Adding a deck is proven to be a smart move all the way around, but you may be unsure which deck type will work best for your home. Read on to learn more about the different types of decks you can choose between depending on your family’s unique needs.


Deck Types


Typically, a deck will be built with one of the following materials. 

Using these materials, your contractor can build the deck type that complements your home’s style and provides you with space and features you need. 

But, bear in mind that the styles listed below are some of the most common, but what suits your home best may be a custom design that combines these or something altogether different.  




An attached deck is a patio-like structure made of wood materials. More complex than detached decks, this type has to reach a minimum height and is attached with a ledger board. If your home is U or L-shaped, this type of deck works best to extend your property and maximize your outdoor spaces. 




This deck type is not attached directly to your home but is rather accessible by a pathway or stairs, which gives you complete versatility as it can go anywhere on your property. This type of deck can be built regardless of the underlying terrain or drainage considerations and has the added benefit of creating a point of interest for guests walking through your yard to get to the deck. 




A multi-level porch may be the best option for larger properties or homes that sit on land of varying elevation, such as hills or slopes. This type can be connected through steps or walkways and adds functional beauty to your property. 




This space on your property is often forgotten or underused solely as a means to get from the front yard to the back. With a bit of imagination, this area can become usable space, and a few options include placing outdoor furniture or hot tubs on them. 


Swimming Pool 


Using wood decking around a pool is a smart choice due to its slip-resistance and comfort for barefoot guests, as it does not retain heat the same way other materials can. One caveat is that wood has to be treated with a finishing solution to keep it from causing splinters. 

If you decide against using wood, other swimming pool deck materials include: 




Living in our area of the country, wraparound porches are a quintessential feature and common sight on southern homes. This type of porch extends all the way around the house and can be more prominent in some parts, making it ideal for placing rocking chairs or other furniture to sit and relax. Their covered ceilings protect you from the sun or rain while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. 


Let Shore Build You a Beautiful Deck This Summer


These are just a few of the choices you have in a deck for your home. If you are still undecided about which type will work best, allow our expert team to guide you. We are experienced in building custom outdoor solutions for our customers, no matter their needs. When it comes to creating your own outdoor oasis at your home, Shore Builders can give you the perfect space you and your family will enjoy for years to come. Contact us today to get started!