The kitchen is the heart of your home. However, if your kitchen feels cramped with cupboards and limited counter space, it can feel impossible to imagine loving your space. Our team of professional contractors understands your struggle of dealing with cramped spaces and put together 5 easy ways to make your kitchen look and feel bigger.


Create Space with Color


Changing the color of your kitchen to pale hues, off-whites, creams or whites is a low-cost, simple update that will immediately make the space appear bigger. Light tones increase the brightness and visual space inside your kitchen by creating an airy, open feel. By updating your kitchen with a fresh coat of paint, you can quickly increase the appeal and elegance of your kitchen.


Add Cabinet Lighting


To complement your pale walls and achieve an airy feeling in your kitchen, you need to have proper lighting. Having bright lighting can completely change the perception of a kitchen. Shadows create a strong visual line between cabinets and the ceiling, making your kitchen feel as cramped as it would with a high-contrast accent wall. You can erase or soften those shadows by installing uplighting above the cabinets. When choosing lights for your kitchen, make sure that you don’t use a lampshade that limits the illumination and filters the color of your light to darker, yellow hues. We recommend using spotlights for maximum light.


Install Compact Kitchen Appliances


Having a small kitchen can feel even smaller if your kitchen appliances take up most of your space. Standard dishwashers are typically 24 inches wide while compact dishwashers are only 18 inches in width, allowing you to save 6 inches! With the extra inches, you can install bigger cabinets elsewhere in your kitchen for additional storage to clear your space of excess clutter.


Another appliance that can be downsized to increase your space is your fridge. A slimmer refrigerator can open up your kitchen and allow for additional countertop space. If you don’t cook often or frequently shop for fresh produce, try downsizing to a smaller fridge. For example, a 30-inch or even a 28-inch fridge leaves more room available for other essentials.


Upgrade to Glass Cabinet Doors or Open Shelving


Adding glass doors to your cabinets or choosing open shelving to store your kitchenware can create the appearance of a spacious kitchen. These options are great choices if you want to increase the airy ambiance in your kitchen. Use this concept to display attractive drinkware or use frosted glass so you only get a faint peek at the mishmash of items stored within.


Consolidate Your Storage Compartments


When you have limited space in your kitchen, you also have a lack of storage space which can make you feel cramped. When you have limited space, you can construct smart and compressed storage compartments inside to eliminate clutter and tightly packed cabinets. Use an appliance garage for small appliances, which allows you to keep appliances like a toaster and blender plugged in but hidden away. The decluttered kitchen surfaces will immediately make the space feel more bright, airy, and aesthetically pleasing.


Additionally, if you are redesigning your kitchen, you can free your workspace by building your microwave into the cabinetry and keeping the oven and cooking area together in one set zone.


Make Your Kitchen Bigger with Shore Builders


Our team at Shore Builders is committed to creating the most beautiful kitchen no matter the size. With Shore Builders, you can be confident that you will be able to turn your small kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.