As humans, we spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, so they need to be spaces we enjoy. But over time, your bathroom’s features and overall look can start to feel dated. When you’re ready to remodel your bathroom, you may think first of some of the more obvious upgrades, such as new countertops or a fresh coat of paint. But there are more unique ideas you maybe haven’t thought of that will elevate your spaces and give you a restroom retreat you’ll love spending time in day in and day out. Read on to learn about these upgrades for your bathroom remodeling project.


Update Ideas to Consider


1. Fancy Floors

You don’t have to sacrifice style for durability when it comes to your bathroom floor tile. There are countless options for choosing flooring that will show off your unique taste but have a breaking strength that can withstand being walked on daily or having items dropped. Whether you pick ceramic, porcelain, or stone, there are limitless combinations — you can use encaustic tile that looks hand painted or have the tile laid in a herringbone pattern. There are limitless options of tile style and patterns to make your bathroom floor beautiful.


2. Hidden Toilet

Let’s face it — while a necessary part of every bathroom, the toilet isn’t exactly aesthetically pleasing to look at. The good news is that your bathroom’s toilet doesn’t have to be the focal point. When you remodel your bathroom, consider putting the toilet out of sight. Your contractor could even create a mini-room just for the toilet so the door could stay closed and the commode out of sight.


3. Wall Tiling

Another easy way to spruce up your space is to consider running the tile all the way up the walls of your bathroom. This protects the walls from moisture and provides visual continuity that makes the bathroom look larger to the eye.


4. Floating Vanity

If your style leans more contemporary, you may not be drawn to the traditional vanity with legs or a bulky cabinet setup underneath the sink. Another option is a floating vanity. Today’s floating vanities are attached to the bathroom wall and can be customized to include just the sink and countertop or a minimal cabinet configuration underneath.


5. Upgraded Tub

If you have a bathtub surrounded by tile, it’s taking up precious real estate in your bathroom. Consider replacing it with a claw foot tub that not only looks modern and sleek but also frees up the surrounding floor space.


Shore Builders Can Build the Bathroom of Your Dreams

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