Optimizing Your Workspace

Whether you are looking to rejuvenate a dated or heavily used area in your business or customize a generic layout to serve your professional needs best, the expert contractors at Shore Builders Inc. are equipped to bring your ideas to life in your office. Our design-build team will develop and execute a plan to fit your needs and your space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is commercial remodel construction?

    A commercial remodel upgrades and/or expands a current commercial structure. A remodel is an alternative to new construction, which is often more expensive and requires a larger time frame. Businesses that do not wish to move locations or do not have a budget allowing for new construction may opt for a remodel. Additionally, remodels are ideal for businesses that require minor changes to the existing structure, such as upgraded or additional office space.

  • Which areas does Shore Builders Inc. serve?

    We offer commercial and residential remodeling in Alachua County, including Gainesville, Jonesville, Newberry, Alachua, Archer, Micanopy, Hawthorne, and Melrose.

  • Is Shore Builders Inc. licensed?

    Absolutely; the license number for our construction company is CBC #1258492.

  • Are commercial remodels able to be customized?

    Yes! Our team of experts is more than happy to take the time to review your ideas and requests. Our remodel design will reflect the decisions you make, and with adherence to the budget and design, our contractors will begin the renovations.

  • What are the benefits of a commercial remodel?

    Renovations to a commercial structure provide many benefits to staff, customers, and business owners. Larger spaces and improved workspace directly increase functionality, productivity, and the overall desire to be in the specific space. Not to mention, a fresh, appealing design will attract more customers and entice employees. More space for employees, products, and customers equates to the opportunity for more business. Remodeled spaces also increase the property value and allow for any structural issues to be addressed.