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Shore Builders Inc. has been creating custom-built marine projects for over 17 years. We are the experts on any structure you need to enjoy the water more, from boat lifts to custom boathouses, to full commercial marina services. Contact Shore Builders for all your marine contracting needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What areas do you provide marine services?

    We provide marine services all over North Florida. Our main service areas include, but are not limited to Steinhatchee, Cedar Key, Crystal River, Yankeetown, Lake Santa Fe, Homosassa, Horseshoe Beach, Suwannee, Keaton Beach, St. Augustine, Crescent Beach, and Jacksonville.

  • Are free consultations available?

    Yes. The first step toward a new construction or remodeling project, whether it’s on the water or in your home, meets with our design-build team to discuss the project goals. Whether you have a rough idea in your head or a finished blueprint in your hand, we’ll consider your vision and offer guidance on accomplishing it. Based on the project’s parameters, we’ll also estimate the time frame, labor, and materials required.

  • Will my project stay within the budget?

    Yes, but completing a project while sticking to a budget requires a commitment from the contractors and the client. During the consultation, we give honest project estimates to set realistic expectations. It's helpful for you to have some idea of your budget at this time so that, if necessary, we can amend the materials or blueprints to bring the costs in line. Once construction begins, any design changes could change the total project costs beyond what you anticipated. That’s why we recommend following the original plans once the contracts are signed.

  • Who will manage my project?

    Every project is assigned a project manager who is responsible for all phases of construction or remodels. This dedicated point-person will be familiar with all aspects of the project and remain accessible by phone, email, or in-person to answer your questions and provide updates. Whether there is one or several projects going on, the project manager ensures the work runs smoothly.

  • Who takes care of permits?

    Permits are required for most new construction and some renovations, and acquiring them is a team effort. The client's responsibility is to pay for the permits and fees, while our job is to simplify the process by assisting wherever we can. For example, we can help with the permit application paperwork and documentation. If outside consultants are needed, we can also hire the right professionals on your behalf. Examples of standard permits that we deal with include dock permits from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and building permits from the City of St. Augustine Planning and Building Department.