Home renovations can work wonders for adding both functionality and resale value to your home. But, while you may be considering tackling your construction projects DIY-style in an effort to save time or money, there are some common misconceptions to bear in mind before you break out the power tools. Read on to learn more about why doing your home renovation yourself may not be the best idea.  


I Don’t Need a Permit 


Permits are not only required for many renovation projects. They also provide you with tangible proof a job was done to code when you go to sell your home to a new owner. Contact the local building department before starting any project to determine which aspects need to be permitted. 


DIY Is Cheaper


It may be tempting to forego hiring professional contractors to perform your home renovation project and choose to go the DIY route. However, if you do something incorrectly, it could be more expensive to hire pros than had you done it in the first place. Further, when you hire out, you eliminate the risk of injuring yourself because you don’t know what you’re doing. 


Buying Materials Online Is Smart


Shopping online for your home renovation materials can appear to be a cost-saving measure. But not being able to see what you have purchased, test its quality, and how it will all work together can be a mistake that requires you to spend more money to buy what will suit your project. It would be frustrating to order materials only to find them the wrong size, missing essential components, or not the style you planned. 


Cracks Are Always Serious


Sometimes cracks in your home are just the result of settling rather than indicative of major structural concerns. When in doubt, it’s a good idea to enlist the services of a structural engineer who can test your home’s foundation and ensure there are no significant issues. 


Any Project Can Be DIY


While home renovation television shows have misled the public into thinking anyone can undertake DIY home renovation projects, these shows and the internet are a poor substitute for the education and training of a contractor. Even if you are handy around the house and know your way around power tools, some projects are best left to the professionals. 


Trendy Is the Way to Go


You may be tempted to follow current design trends or blindly copy what you have seen in a magazine, but a classic aesthetic is the smarter choice when it comes to renovating. Neutral and timeless vibes will not only help you enjoy your renovations longer but can also help your home move faster when it comes time to sell. 


Everything Will Go According to Plan


Don’t let HGTV fool you — DIY home renovations are often more expensive and take longer than you first anticipate. When you receive a quote from a professional contractor, the bid you get generally includes all projected costs of the project. When you DIY your home reno, you are far more likely to disregard certain costs and not realize all the line item costs it takes to complete a construction project. 


Renovation Costs Are Recouped When I Sell My Home


People mistakenly believe that whatever they have put into improving their home can be added to the asking price when they go to sell it. But this isn’t true, and rather homeowners can expect to get a percentage of return on their investment (ROI). For example, adding a deck will give you about 75% ROI. 


Trust Shore for Your Home Renovation Done Right


Rather than taking on the stress, time, and money of a DIY home renovation, Shore Builders can handle it for you. No matter the size or scope of your project, our expert team of construction professionals is on your side from start to finish, ensuring your home’s renovation is completed to your satisfaction and is beautiful and usable for your family for years to come. Contact us today to get started on your project!