Finding an existing home that fits your family’s needs is challenging even when the market isn’t as competitive as it is now. So how do you ensure you wind up in the home of your dreams? The answer is to build a custom home from the ground up.

At Shore Builders, we have helped people in our community love their homes for over 17 years. Here we share just a few of the many benefits of starting new with your house.

1. You Choose Your Location.
Real estate is all about “location, location, location.” When you choose to go with a new house from a construction home builder, you get to pick your preferred location and lot. You can purchase the perfect land to build your home in a convenient location for your job, schools, or leisure activities.

2. You Get to Choose Everything.
When you buy a used home, you are at the mercy of that homeowner’s taste and lifestyle. Of course, you can remodel the things that don’t work for you and your family, but it’s often easier to start the process yourself to control what goes in it. Your choices include everything from cabinet styles to countertops to lighting fixtures and paint — your home’s entire aesthetic is yours to design.

3. You Can Build Sustainably.
If you’re interested in building an environmentally friendlier home, going custom allows you to do that. Today’s homes are built to newer standards, allowing homeowners to conserve resources and enjoy savings on their monthly utility bills. Choosing sustainable building materials such as bamboo flooring or adding solar panels to your home’s roof can go a step further in creating a “green” home.

4. You Can Add Fun Technology.
Building a custom home also lets you implement the latest technological advancements and automated systems that make life easier. These upgrades don’t always need to be hardwired, providing portability should you move and the ability to avoid costly updates after installation.

A few examples of the latest tech for homes include the following.

5. You Can Avoid Costly Repairs
Millennials, who make up 43% of homebuyers, are inclined to buy newly built homes to prevent substantial repairs or renovations that may arise with an existing home. Further, they like that a new home tends to hold its value better than a resale, and custom homes are constructed using more durable materials and efficient engineering practices.

6. You Pick Your Builder
The most important benefit of building a custom home is choosing which builder you want to work with. Your home is one of the largest investments you’ll make in your lifetime, so knowing you can trust the team constructing your dream home is invaluable. This peace of mind goes for knowing the home will be constructed with quality and care with the best materials but also that the builder can lend their expertise to guide you through what works best for the home you are envisioning.

Let Shore Build Your Dream Home
When you’re looking for the ideal construction company for your custom home, look no further than Shore Builders. We are an experienced design-build team that offers our customers transparent communication, a dedication to excellence, and quality work that lasts. When you’re ready to get started with our construction builders, reach out to us.