Installing a residential dock with Shore Builders, Inc. provides waterfront homeowners with recreational benefits, saves time waiting to use a shared launch ramp, and saves money on payslip fees. Docks can also increase home value. We specialize in both permanent and floating boat docks.

Fixed Boat Docks

Fixed docks are steadfast, permanent attachments to your waterfront space. They are frequently built with wood or steel and can be covered in various decking options to fit your design preferences and waterfront home’s needs. During relaxing weekends on the water, you can rest assured knowing your fixed dock provides a place to fish in solitude or spend time with family and friends for years to come.

Floating Boat Docks

Floating docks are versatile and durable, able to adjust to a variety of weather conditions. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the elastic nature of floating docks protects your boat during storms. Within floating docks, uses vary widely. Shore Builders specializes in low-profile rowing docks, floating work platforms, and jet ski floating docks, but our variety of floating docks does not stop at recreational use.

Aluminum Floating Dock

Aluminum docks are known for their durability. They are lightweight, ecologically sustainable, and strong enough to withstand forceful watercraft impact. Aluminum docks are among the most affordable and weather-resistant floating docks. We are able to design our aluminum docks for simple off-season towing when it is time for a replacement.

Wooden Floating Dock

Wooden docks have a timeless look. The benefits of wooden docks include their natural buoyancy and ease of assembly. To best keep up with their beautiful exterior and ensure long-lasting use, these docks require regular maintenance.

Plastic Floating Dock

Plastic floating docks are not a large investment, both due to their low price and easy adjustability. They cannot rust or rot – a huge win for waterfront owners looking to minimize maintenance costs. While plastic is prone to sun damage, the Florida sun has minimal effect on the heat of these docks, making them comfortably walkable during the summer months. This dock material necessitates eventual replacement.

Shore Builds Custom Marine Construction Projects That Last

Your ability to customize your marine construction project only begins with dock type and material. We work with clients along Florida’s nature coast and Atlantic ocean to build a dock that accommodates their desired water use and aesthetic vision. Shore Builders wants to help you get the most recreational and economic value out of your waterfront home. We customize docks by incorporating natural terrain, adding lights for additional hours of dock enjoyment, and installing boat lifts upon request.

Docks installation is only one of several marine construction project types that Shore Builders has over 15 years of experience with. The aim of every project is high quality and customer satisfaction. Our team brings the same attention to detail to building docks that support your family that they bring to building multi-slip commercial marinas. Reach out to our dedicated team of marine construction professionals to get started on your dream dock today.