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Commercial Remodeling

Office Renovations in Gainesville, FL

Office & Commercial Renovations

Is your office building inhibiting the effectiveness of your workers or affecting the way your customers interact with your products? Consider commercial remodeling services from Shore Builders, Inc. An office remodel can serve to increase productivity, improve the flow of traffic, and even contribute to greater profits. Our contractors can renovate private offices or break rooms, creating larger spaces and additional rooms. We can also replace flooring, renovate bathrooms and paint walls for an office renovation that will wow employees and clients alike.

Commercial Kitchen Remodeling in Gainesville, FL

Commercial Kitchen Remodels

A kitchen or kitchenette can add a lot to an office or commercial building as a break room for employees or an elegant serving area for clients. But if this space is not fully equipped to support food preparation, has fallen into disrepair, or cannot accommodate your growing workforce, your employees may quickly become dissatisfied. Our Gainesville contractors can design and provide you with a commercial kitchen remodel that will provide a welcoming atmosphere. You can choose from a large variety of items, colors, finishes, and more.

Commercial Bathroom Renovations in Gainesville, FL

Commercial Bathroom Renovations

Commercial bathrooms in commercial properties can experience a fair amount of wear and tear due to frequent use by customers and employees. If left untouched, bathrooms can appear rundown over time and may discourage prospective customers from returning and employees from feeling comfortable. Let our commercial bathroom renovation experts create a bathroom that is both functional and inviting. With the right colors, tile, fixtures, and sinks, a commercial bathroom renovation is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for years to come.

Multi-Family Residence Remodels in Gainesville, FL

Multi-Family Residence Renovations

In order for multi-family facilities to remain competitive in today’s market, they are often renovated to appear stylish and welcoming. Additionally, remodeled units reduce the need for repairs and increase the overall value of the property. We can also provide cost-effective methods for large-scale renovations that stand the tests of time, so you can avoid having to pay for frequent repairs or replacements. From the kitchen and bathroom to the flooring and paint, our team members can offer improvements to entice new renters.

Pool Houses & Gazebo Construction & Renovations in Gainesville, FL

Pool Houses & Gazebos

Pool houses and gazebos are ideal for commercial properties of all kinds, and they may be just the thing your property needs to attract customers and tenants. Tenants can appreciate the beauty and gathering space gazebos provide. Pool houses provide additional room for entertainment opportunities with TVs and cooking areas, but also functional purposes by storing towels and maintenance supplies. Make sure these structures are built by general contractors with Shore Builders, Inc. for high-quality construction you can trust.

Commercial Additions in Gainesville, FL

Commercial Additions

If you need additional rooms or storage space for your business, or if you are interested in an outside deck for your venue, consider a commercial addition to your property. Shore Builders, Inc. can work with you to construct an addition to meet your needs while minimizing the impact on your daily operations. We can provide you with a variety of functional and aesthetic options for your addition to perfectly complement the rest of your structure. Whether your business is growing or you’re opening a new division contact us for all of your commercial addition needs.